White balance is used to get colors in your pictures as accurate as you can. In order to work with white balance you need to put your camera on manual. There are many settings for white balance. For example, there is auto, tungsten, fluorescent, daylight/sunny, cloudy, flash, and shade. These are the main settings. These work well for most of all the photos you would do. I listed that definition/short sentence of each one.

1.Auto  In auto white balance mode, your camera examines the scene you’re trying to photograph and chooses a color temperature (in Kelvin) it thinks will work best.

2.Tungsten – This mode is used for light under a little bulb like tungsten, and it is often used while shooting indoors.

3.Fluorescent – This will give the photo more warmth.

4.Daylight/Sunny – This of course is better when shooting in a bright or sunny environment.

5.Cloudy – It warms things up a lot more than daylight/sunny.

6.Flash – This adds the flash of the camera into the photo, which will make it brighter. Better in darker environments.

7.Shade – Better for when shooting and wanting something warmer and “bluer.”

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