This collage represents me because it shows everything I’m interested in and do in my daily life. For example the social apps represent me because. In my daily life I’m mostly on social media, mostly on tik tok. There a good side to social media and  bad side , you can meet new people but some people on social media are means too. I also love to watch movie Netflix and Hulu are like my best friends I could watch movies all day if I wanted to and I would tell you I had an amazing day.

Another thing in this collage that represent me is the makeup and the food. The makeup represents me because I really got into makeup recently. I think in the future i would love to be a makeup designer for like movies. It seems like real fun to be in the trailers with the actors getting them ready for there movie. Food represents me because food is like the love of my life. If am  ever mad at anyone all they have to do is buy me food and ill be happy again. My favorite foods are tacos and my favorite drink is Arizona lemon tea or mocha Boba.

The last thing that i put in my collage to represent me was my favorite artist. My favorite artist are j. Cole and Jhene akio , and Johnny Depp.  J. Cole is my favorite artist because every time he comes out with a new song he tells a story in his music. And you can really relate to him, same with Jhene akio . And Johnny Depp is just a great actor and i love all his movies.

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