camera modes

automatic mode

Automatic mode doesn’t really need any explanation. Beside that it does everything for you like setting the shutter speed, Aperture , IOS , white balance , and focus. Its a great mode to work on but sometimes setting them by yourself would give you a better picture according to what you want.

Portrait mode 

When you switch your camera to portrait mode it will automatically set a small aperture. which will make the background keep out of focus. You would only use portrait mode when your taking photos of a singular subject.

Macro mode 

Micro mode is made to take close up pictures of your subject. Using this mode makes it harder to focus the camera because your so close up.

Landscape mode 

this mode is the opposite of portrait mode it has a small aperture which is a larger number. Its because you will be shooting large scenes. In this mode it might select a lower shutter speed so it is maybe needed to have a tri pod.

Sports mode

Sports mode is photography moving things. This mode higher the shutter speed to capture the picture faster and it pre focuses your camera for the shot.

night mode 

night mode helps when there is low light . where you are shooting at. so it sets the shutter speed longer

Movie mode

Movie mod captures moving images. Its a good mode for fireworks or any moving objects


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