white balance

White balance is used to get colors in your pictures as accurate as you can. In order to work with white balance you need to put your camera on manual. There are many settings for white balance. For example, there is auto, tungsten, fluorescent, daylight/sunny, cloudy, flash, and shade. These are the main settings. These work well for most of all the photos you would do. I listed that definition/short sentence of each one.

1.Auto  In auto white balance mode, your camera examines the scene you’re trying to photograph and chooses a color temperature (in Kelvin) it thinks will work best.

2.Tungsten – This mode is used for light under a little bulb like tungsten, and it is often used while shooting indoors.

3.Fluorescent – This will give the photo more warmth.

4.Daylight/Sunny – This of course is better when shooting in a bright or sunny environment.

5.Cloudy – It warms things up a lot more than daylight/sunny.

6.Flash – This adds the flash of the camera into the photo, which will make it brighter. Better in darker environments.

7.Shade – Better for when shooting and wanting something warmer and “bluer.”


ISO; 3200, f/13, 1/160 sec , 160.00 mm

ISO; 1600, F/5.0, 1/60 sec , 80.00 mm

ISO; 3200, f/7.1, 1/160 sec, 75.00mm

ISO; 1600, f/8 , 1/60 sec; 85.00 mm

ISO; 3200, f/8, 1/160 sec, 75.00 mm

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4.self love,

5.self worth ,





10. relaxed,



13. gleaming


This collage represents me because it shows everything I’m interested in and do in my daily life. For example the social apps represent me because. In my daily life I’m mostly on social media, mostly on tik tok. There a good side to social media and  bad side , you can meet new people but some people on social media are means too. I also love to watch movie Netflix and Hulu are like my best friends I could watch movies all day if I wanted to and I would tell you I had an amazing day.

Another thing in this collage that represent me is the makeup and the food. The makeup represents me because I really got into makeup recently. I think in the future i would love to be a makeup designer for like movies. It seems like real fun to be in the trailers with the actors getting them ready for there movie. Food represents me because food is like the love of my life. If am  ever mad at anyone all they have to do is buy me food and ill be happy again. My favorite foods are tacos and my favorite drink is Arizona lemon tea or mocha Boba.

The last thing that i put in my collage to represent me was my favorite artist. My favorite artist are j. Cole and Jhene akio , and Johnny Depp.  J. Cole is my favorite artist because every time he comes out with a new song he tells a story in his music. And you can really relate to him, same with Jhene akio . And Johnny Depp is just a great actor and i love all his movies.


JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

– JPEG is the best option for most. Most people use it as their default output. It also holds the most images in its memories that it can. In this file it has the best image quality as well.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

– TIFF is what is requested by publishers. TIFF’s are uncompressed and because of that they have bigger files and take more space.


– RAW is for more advanced cameras. Raw gives you the highest quality from your camera in your files.

DNG (Digital Negative Format)

– DNG is mainly to provide a standard RAW file.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

– PNG is generally used for files on the internet. PNG quality is sometimes not good enough to print.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

– GIF is animated and the image is not sacrificed and could maintain transparency.

BMP (Bitmap Image File)

– BMP was made from Microsoft and was originally made for windows. It is good with color and has no compression.

PSD (Photoshop Document)

– This is the default file type for saving data in Adobe Photoshop. The PSD has the distinct feature of allowing alteration of particular individual layers rather than the entire image.


1/400 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, 29.00 mm,

1/500 sec ,f/ 4.0, ISO 3200, 24.00 mm

The camera metering mode I used was AV mode. I think my composition could have been better. But overall on composition I did good. I edited my photos pretty good i was going for twilight kind of filter but I still can work more on my editing too. If i shot this assignment again i would probably find a way to frame the picture a little better. I think it should be on the blog post just because the outfit strider is wear is cute and very different.


  Depth of field is the area between a photo that appears sharp. there are good depths of field. And shallow depth of Field.  Good depth of field is images that are front to back. shallow depth of field is when one subject is in focus and the background is out of focus.


ISO 400, 1/500, 11/1 ,0/1


ISO 400, 1/1600, 11/1, 0/1

I think this photo graph was successful because it looks set up so right. Like the angles and everything. The composition is good .  And the picture just goes good together. I really like how the lights blend in. I also really like this photo because ever since i was little i wanted to go to Paris. And i really think in general Paris is a very beautiful place